At we fully respect your privacy. For this reason, we provide detailed information in this page, on how we handle your personal data.

Last Update: 4/7/2019

1. What kind of personal data we’re requesting or collecting and why we do so

At we do not request or collect Visitors’ Personal Data except from very individual cases, which are described immediately.

a. Visitors’ contact

By e-mail: If you contact us using our contact form or directly our e-mail, your only personal data required for our communication is your e-mail address, which is necessary in order to respond to your message. Optionally, using the contact form you can fill in your name. Your e-mail is sent to us through our corporate account at

Your contact information is held by us for as long as our collaboration or communication lasts. We do not use them for any other reason, we do not share them with any third party, and we do not send promotional emails.

In case you contact us through the Booking Form, along with your e-mail address, we ask for your name and  phone number, to inform you of your reservation. The booking request is sent by e-mail to our company account at and is stored along with your, above mentioned, accompanying Personal Data on our website for administrative and technical reasons. Your Personal Data is not used by us except for the purpose of our cooperation or communication and may be deleted or modified at any time you request it.

By phone: If you contact us by phone using our contact telephone number, your information is held by us for as long as our cooperation or contact lasts. We do not use them for any other reason, we do not share them with any third party, and we do not send advertising messages of any kind.

b. Traffic statistics

During your visit to our website, anonymous traffic statistics are collected through the Hosting Provider ( )  website and stored in log files on the Provider’s server. These data are collected for security purposes, and relate to data such as your IP address or Browser. These data are retained by the Provider for a very limited amount of time (several days) beyond which they are deleted. ( Kindly see’s Privacy Policy here)

2. Whom we share your personal data with

We do not share the personal data you provide us with any third party.

3. Who has access to your personal information

Exclusively the webmaster of this site.

If a technical or security problem arises on the website, the technician or the technical staff of the hosting provider may need to have access to the information in order to resolve the technical problem.

4. For how long your data is stored

Your communication data is stored only for as long as it is necessary for the purposes of our communication or cooperation.

The log files referred to in paragraph 1b are only stored for a few days on the server of our hosting provider.

5. What are your personal data protection measures, and what are our data leakage policies

We use an SSL security protocol that ensures your data protection as you communicate with us through our website. We regularly change username / password access to the administration section of our site, we take security measures (antivirus) in our corporate computer network and also in our account to our hosting provider.

Our hosting provider itself takes strict security measures to protect the server from possible malicious attack and data leakage. ( In the event of a data leak, we immediately change all username / password, inform the interested parties directly about the leak, and we take all the technically necessary measures in cooperation with our hosting provider to re-open our site in a secure context.

6. What are your rights on your personal data

You have the right to request that your data be deleted at any time by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address We have an obligation to respond within 30 days. We reserve the right to refuse to delete if it concerns legitimate tax or security reasons.

You may also contact the same e-mail address for any matter concerning your personal data.

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